Virus & Spyware Removal Support All at Home at a much lower price.

In the era of internet, viruses, spyware, and malware are common threats for all of us. A virus can damage your computer badly in manyways. First, it can cause hardware damage and the operating system as well. Even motherboards, hard drives, etc. of you PC might get permanently damaged by viruses. You can try our virus / spyware removal support to cope with all the virus/spyware related issues. In addition, our experts are also immensely experienced in providing malware removal and adware removal support for more secure computing experience.

A virus can actually do the harm you could never think of. It slows down your system, corrupts important files and even worse, it can invade your privacy settings and mess up sensitive data. Unfortunately, in most cases, you fail to trace their presence until a major complexity appears. However, don't panic! You have already got the solution- you have reached us!

Desktop & Laptop Support

Our computer repair services includes our complete computer diagnostics service.

  • Home Computer Repair– We offer on site home computer repair services in GA and now anywhere. One of our Microsoft Certified computer repair technicians will log in at your home and diagnose your situation.  Our technician will provide you with a quote detailing our computer repair rates and the fees necessary to complete a total system repair, upgrade or update.
  • Business Computer Repair– We offer on site business computer repair services for small and medium sized businesses in Atlanta and the surrounding area.  A crew of our Microsoft Certified Professional technicians can login to your business location to evaluate your server and workstation situation.  A thorough written analysis and description of our computer repair rates and labor charges with a description of the services to be performed will be provided following the evaluation.
  • We provide service for the following computer related problems: Hardware Failures, Software Errors, Virus or Spyware Infections, Operating System Errors, Wireless or Wired Network Problems, Internet Connectivity Errors, or any other  Software Failures.

PC Tune-Up

 Why go out and spend a ton of money on a completely new computer when it may be more affordable to simply upgrade and/or update the system you have now?

Our PC Tune Up service includes:

  •  System Evaluation - We will determine if your system would benefit from an increase in system memory or if it needs more hard drive space to help speed things up.  Or maybe you need a new processor or Motherboard or a faster CD/DVD.
  • Increase Startup Speed - Our technicians will remove any unnecessary applications from your start up sequence, thereby boosting performance.
  • Removal of Unused Applications - By removing unused software applications more resources are freed up resulting in increased system performance.
  • Scan for and Remove any Viruses or Spyware- Removal of any Viruses or Spyware will greatly improve system speed.
  • Scan Registry for Unused Keys - Removing unused registry keys reduces the size of the registry which results in a dramatic system performance increase.
  • Defragment System Drive- Defragmenting the system hard drive increases the speed at which the Operating System accesses data on the hard drive which in turn increases overall system speed.
  • BIOS & Operating System Settings - In addition our technicians will optimize your BIOS setting and Operating System configurations and settings for optimal speed.
  • Clicking sounds - These are usually caused by fan or hard drive failure. Fan failure is dangerous as your processor and graphics chips can easily overheat and burn. Hard drive failure comes in many varieties and can lead to data loss.

We will have your system running as fast, if not faster, than it did on the day that you got it.

PC Hardware Issue?

DNB Computers is a premier laptop, desktop, and electronics repair business, We serviceall brands, big or small.


  • Computer runs slowly or freezes - Generally caused by lack of maintenance, data fragmentation, spyware, registry problems, viruses, and installation of programs can rob your PC speed and performance.

  • Clicking sounds - These are usually caused by fan or hard drive failure. Fan failure is dangerous as your processor and graphics chips can easily overheat and burn. Hard drive failure comes in many varieties and can lead to data loss.

  • Laptop power jack destroyed/laptop will not charge - Physical damage to the power jack that is not always apparent. Bad power supply too will cause this!

  • Computer or laptop randomly shuts off - Overheating is a major cause of a large percentage of these issues. Other issues have included powerful viruses, dusty fans and heat sinks, and physically damaged RAM and processors.

  • Computer or laptop does not boot - Corrupt file systems stemming from viral attack and other malware present on the system cause a large portion of these issues. Defective hardware is also often a culprit.

  • Dim, black, oozing, or cracked LCD - This has a number of causes including product defects and physical damage. Inverter failure and graphics processor overheating both cause a large proportion of LCD problems.

Experiencing problems like these? We can help! 


Online Support is Now Here

  • Instant Service - You will not have to wait for your computer to be repaired.
  • Convenient - You will not have to drive to the repair shop.
  • Fast - Most repairs will be completed within one hour.
  • Affordable - Competitive pricing.
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable - Certified USA trained technicians

* You will need access to the Internet for this service to be possible. If your system has lost access to the Internet due to a Virus we can walk you step-by-step through the process of regaining your Internet connection.


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What we do!

  • Install, uninstall and configure internet security
  • Suggest ways to avoid critical viruses such as MSIL. Elasrofah, AndroidOS. Ewalls, Trojan.FakeAV!gen37, W32.Stuxnet!lnk, etc.
  • Configure windows firewall and antivirus
  • Configure third party firewall
  • Detect functional damage that your existing software security missed
  • Remove spyware, adware and other malware
  • Remove virus from system registry
  • Remove virus from USB drive
  • Schedule automated spyware, virus and adware scan
  • Safeguard your computer against hackers