Policies and Terms

This document explains the DNB Computers Repair Policy such that both the Customer and associates of DNB Computers understand,accept, and are in complete agreement with the terms and condition of service before any work is accepted for service or repair. This Service Policy applies to all services and repair work done by any associates of DNB Computers. This policy also describes procedure, warranty, price, and turn-around times: It is the sole responsibility of the customer to maintain current backups of all computer programs and data prior to releasing the computer for service to DNB Computers. DNB Computers or any of its Associate cannot guarantee that data or application software can be salvaged or remain operable through repairs or service. DNB Computer or any of it Associate will attempt to maintain such operational integrity; however it is not warranty or guaranteed. We advise the customer to backup all data; and maintain copies of original software CDs. If the customer does not have these available, DNB Computers can and will attempt to backup (prepare an Image of) the hard-drive and reinstall it at the completion of the repair, at an additional charge;

Warranty for repairs will be covered under the following term and condition:

  •  Service is warranted for 1 year from the date of work. This only includes labor related to services needed to satisfy the customer at the time of repair.
  • Hardware components are only covered under manufacture warranties and are not part of our warranty.
  • DNB Computers or any of its Associates are not responsible for any additional adware, spyware, viruses, or any malicious malware should system become infected again after completed. Customer will be charged for each clean unless you had our 1 Year Warranty Service.

DNB Computers accepts PCs, Laptop and  under the following terms and conditions:

  • Our on line Service Department will evaluate the machine, and give you an estimated cost of repair. Once the customer so decide that DNB Computers can proceed with repairs, we will proceed. If estimated repair costs are decliened or unit's cost of repair exceeds value of unit, their will be no charge for the "Diagnosis Fee".  When the assessment is complete, you will be able to test out your computer before we are finished, making sure you are satisfied with our work. 


Limits of Liability

It is recognized that all computer failures in non-working equipment, current and future, cannot be analyzed with absolute accuracy. Many issues are related to multiple causes. Malfunctioning components may not be detectable until after initial repairs have been completed. Intermittent problems may not be detected even then. DNB Computers will make every effort to assess the full extent of a hardware failure initially, and when service is complete, will run the computer through a final diagnostic analysis prior to closing the service order. Future failures of components not directly related to this or other ancillary issues cannot be predicted. Components not related to this repair are excluded from this warranty. The customer is advised to power-up the system and confirm their acceptance of the repair and operation of their equipment prior to leaving the store. No warranty is implied for any component not addressed during initial assessment by the customer and repaired by DNB Computers at the time of pick-up. Standard turn-around time is three to five business days. Most repairs can be done with 24 to 48 hours.