Commonly Ask Questions

sample imageWhile malicious programs such as viruses and spyware affect more than 40% of all computers, DNB Computers can help remove these nuisances and restore your computer to optimal health. Removing trojans, viruses, spyware, adware and other malicious software that can cause your computer to leak personal information to the world. this also helps prevent computer slow downs and increases internet speeds. Also unclutters your computer and frees up memory that can be used to run programs you choose to run

What is a Virus?

computer virus is a program that can infect a computer and copy itself without the user's permission or knowledge. However, the term "virus" is commonly used to refer to many different types of malware programs. 

A virus can only spread from one computer to another when its host is taken to the uninfected computer, for instance by a user sending it over a network or the Internet, or by carrying it on a CD or USB drive. Additionally, viruses can spread by infecting files on a network or file system that is accessed by other computers. Viruses are sometimes confused with worms and Trojan horses. A worm can spread itself to other computers without needing to be transferred as part of a host, while a Trojan horse is a file that appears harmless until executed.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is computer software that is stealthly installed on a personal computer to intercept or take partial control over the user's interaction with the computer. While the term spyware suggests software that secretly monitors the user's behavior, the functions of spyware extend well beyond simple monitoring. 

Spyware programs can collect various types of personal information, but can also interfere with user control of the computer in other ways, such as installing additional software or accessing websites blindly that will cause additional damage. Spyware can even change computer settings, resulting in slow connection speeds, different home pages, and loss of Internet or other programs.

Symptoms of Infection.

  • Your computer seems to have slowed down
  • Internet connection is slow or disconnects
  • Computer shuts down for unknown reason
  • Homepage is redirected
  • Frequent pop-ups



  • sample imageDo not install software you have downloaded from the Internet unless it has come from a known, reliable source.

    · NO—limewire, Aires Frostwire, Uttopia, Bearshare Gnatella Kazaa, Edonkey and Emule, Morpheus, Soulseek, and any other free p2p sharing software. These programs stop your Firewall and share your computer.

    · NO—AOL, Bellsouth, AT&T Earthlink, Comcast Software installations. There are not necessary for the internet and causes multiple problems.

    · NO—Free downloading of online games, screensaver, mouse pointer, coupon printer, driver dector, My Websearch, or any free program that is not of a legitimate company.

    · NO—Weatherbug, Weather Channel desktop that will slow your computer and spy on you.

    · NO—Yahoo, Google, or other toolbars.

    · NO—Don’t open email Attachments, or Links from Banks you don't deal with, Credit Card companies, Fedx, DHL, UPS, USPS, or IRS especially it if contains attachments.

    · NO—Other antivirus or antispyware software or free online scanner or utilities. These are not needed.

           Important—Latest threat: Fake Antivirus/Spyware pop-ups on your screen that warns you have multiple Viruses and Spyware on your computer and to ‘Scan Now!’. DON’T. Do not Click on the Cancel, X, or Exit button on the fake program as it installs the program onto your computer and locks you from using your computer. DO push once the power button and hold for 10 full seconds to shut down your computer. Then turn it back on.

  • For Windows users:  Be sure to visit the Microsoft update site and download all the latest Microsoft security patches.